October 25, 2019

The Buzz About Billy

Some people are lucky enough to be born to do what they love the most. And that’s Billy Lynch, CEO/Owner of Sierra Concepts Construction. Billy is currently building four custom homes at Rancharrah. He has a passion for building; but not just homes. He builds concepts, ideas, visions…dreams. He sees the big picture, even before the small one takes place.

Graduating from the University of Nevada with degrees in Business Management and Speech, Billy has built many of his own successful businesses, always starting from the ground up to see how far and rewarding he can take each one. His greatest passion—besides his beautiful young family—is the joy he gets from helping his clients’ dreams come true. Fueled by his own childhood, raised in a deeply caring and success-driven family, Billy’s DNA reflects the tenants of hard work, perfection, community and profound honesty. His father’s trusting handshake has strongly held fast in Billy’s beliefs as well. His clients can count on his word and professionalism—his full transparency, fixed fees and his fight to make sure dollar-for-dollar, all is fair with no surprises.

His favorite saying is, “Do it once and do it right…” Even before the first hammer hits the nail, Billy sits down to round-table with each potential homeowner and listens. What is their dream? What do they envision? What is the most important aspect they want more than anything? What is affordable? Cost-effective? Daring? Or potentially, not financially realistic? Billy calls this start-to-finish creation “Imagineering.” It’s the collaborative time to team together to picture the final outcome.

What does he love about working with clients and constructing homes? “I love the whole process,” Billy says. “There’s something so fulfilling (about) helping others build their desires—really making it possible for them to achieve their dreams.” From the first tentative floor plan to the final work of art, Billy and his team doesn’t stop until perfection is reached and they have the kind of home that dazzles everyone walking in for the very first time. And it’s the, “that’s-what-I’m-talking-about moment” that is truly defining the world of Rancharrah.

So, what does Billy love about Rancharrah the most? Once again, he beams. “It’s the team, the community and the openness to create an ambience of sheer beauty and warmth.” He loves the Rancharrah family, being a part of their vision and everything that they’re creating – the whole high-end quality homes, clubhouse, lifestyle and community feeling.

“Rancharrah,” Billy continues, “is gorgeous. I mean the views. Look at them! This is the best of Reno both faraway and close to everything. Ten minutes from the airport. Thirty minutes to Tahoe. And smack in the middle of a gated community that takes your breath away.”

Standing on a foundation of unparalleled excellence, this astounding custom homebuilder is sharing his heart-felt passion to build the best and make a whole bunch of homeowners very happy along the way. We’re super stoked to have Billy on our side and on our team.