October 25, 2019

Introducing The Village at Rancharrah

It’s official – The Village at Rancharrah is making great progress! The girder signing took place on October 17th as Tolles Development Company celebrated their ongoing construction efforts. A host of people attended the event including Reno City Council members, investors, dignitaries, Village tenants and the community. During the signing they also announced several new shops and restaurants that will be occupying The Village at Rancharrah – Base Camp Pizza Co., Rolled Mountain Creamery, Dorinda’s Chocolates, Hinoki, Village Dental and the Sierra Standard Restaurant, owned by Tom Turner, who is most well-known for owning Gar Woods Grill and Pier in North Lake Tahoe.

In total there are plans for 20 local businesses that will include waterfront dining, boutique shops and office spaces. Some of the businesses that were already announced include Dolce Vita Wellness Spa, Sup Restaurant, Coffeebar, Rancharrah Clothing Company, Chez Vous, Centro, The Bar Effect, and Art Obsessions.

The Village is planned to open next year. We especially look forward to our residents enjoying the best of Reno just outside their front door.

“The Village at Rancharrah will act as Reno’s Living Room. It will be a place where the community can take a break from their busy daily lives and unwind.” – Par Tolles