June 13, 2019

Announcing Our New Spa and Fitness Director, Kelly Gold

Transitioning from nearly two decades in spa management for the prestigious Lahontan Golf Club in Truckee, Kelly Gold is truly an exceptional choice to execute the vision of The Spa at Rancharrah into a welcoming and luxurious sanctuary for total body wellness.

“Something extra special happens when you join a private club. You expand your family.” It is that sentiment in which Kelly uses as the foundation for her spa vision. “Our staff of well-being specialists have been chosen because they share a love for healing and will assist members and guests with their knowledge and insight to foster balance and live your best life.” The Spa at Rancharrah is designed to honor the mind-body-spirit connection by providing life enriching therapies including massage, skin care and nail salon services. With a commitment to using clean, therapeutic, top-of-the-line products, Kelly ensures that each spa experience will offer the ultimate in natural therapies. “Nourishing skin care, restorative massage, and ‘be beautiful” salon services are just the beginning,” says Kelly.

In addition to personalized spa treatments, Rancharrah is home to a state-of-the-art fitness facility equipped with Intenza Cardio, Matrix Versa Strength Training and Inflight Weight Equipment. Our Movement and Mindfulness Room will feature yoga, Balanced Body Pilates Reformers for private instruction and group spin classes.

Kelly and her highly trained staff will provide guests with the opportunity to continually “unwind, relax, and renew” body, mind and spirit in today’s society of constant stress and demands. Whether it’s thriving in the dry air and extreme temperatures of the season, focusing on hydration, sun damage, anti-aging or the rewards of keeping fit, Kelly has a game plan that will concentrate on each person’s individual goals and health.

When asked about her vision Kelly replied, “…imagine a unique sanctuary connecting and honoring the past, while inspiring a fresh, more creative approach to each new day.” What a golden opportunity – Kelly’s already living up to her name!

For more information about Spa and Fitness, please do not hesitate to contact Kelly at kgold@theclubatrancharrah.