July 12, 2018

Featured Home

When Ordinary Just Won’t Do

Sharon and Andrea Desimoni can’t wait to get started on building their new home at Rancharrah designed by Sierra Concepts Construction and Company. With the help from their contractor Billy Lynch and his design team, the stunning 4,000 square foot two-story design is exactly what they envisioned. “I like to say that this will be Home Sweet ‘Final’ Home,” says Sharon. “We have built four custom homes, but this home in Rancharrah’s remarkable setting is ‘it’ for us.”

Lynch guided his clients in their final material selections of rusted cor-ten metal, local natural stone, reclaimed barn wood, bronze metal roofing and cranberry window accents to give the home its natural luster and beauty that truly exemplifies the quality and class of Rancharrah.

Lynch also assisted the Desimoni’s in the design of their open space living. With the exterior of the home mastered, the interior layout has just as much appeal, if not more! Open spaces with angled walls, folding and pocketing exterior doors to bring the outdoor living spaces inside are just the start. Top of the line appliances and fixtures, hand scrapped hickory floors and beams throughout assures the home is of the highest caliber to meet Rancharrah’s superior-level of standards.

Billy Lynch, Sierra Concepts Construction, specializes in green home and commercial construction. He is incorporating ICF Fox Block materials, radiant floors heating, spray foam insulation, reclaimed hot water production and more. “The Desimoni’s will not only enjoy the ultimate in comfort, but they can rest assured their home is as sustainable as anything on the market today and will offer the ultimate in energy-efficiency,” said Billy.