December 20, 2017

2017 BANN-ER Awards recognizes Rancharrah

The BANN-ER Awards is The Builders Association most prestigious event of the year. The event was held at the Atlantis Casino Resort and featured the industry’s best. Builders were honored for their work and their contributions to the community. Reno Land took home three awards including the Outdoor Lifestyle Award for our very own Rancharrah Tree Farm. Rancharrah’s Tree Farm is home to nearly 200 transplanted trees. Reno Land, Inc. sought out land planning expertise of Wood Rogers along with arborist and conservation expert Craig Bernside to identify and assess the health based on 90%+ likely relocation survivability of hundreds of oaks, maples, fruit trees, birch, spruces, pines, sycamores, aspens and elms. A painstaking survey system was used to rank the trees suitable for relocation, and to determine which trees would stay in place to be included in the final land plan. Tree relocation efforts will be on-going through the life of the project, permanently placing the trees back into the community.